Acceptance conditions for the Weber 32 DIR

A deposit is levied on ordering, returnable upon confirmation that the unit is suitable for reconditioning and complies with the requirements below.

There are three requirements to address:

  1. The unit submitted must be of the identical type ordered and be of the original specification of the subject car
    For example: A Weber 32 DIR 109 from a 1990 Volvo 340 will not be accepted as a returnable unit when a Weber 32 DIR 57 is ordered for a 1977 Volvo 340

  2. The unit must be complete, except for the parts mentioned in 5, ideally have been sourced from a running vehicle and be free from severe corrosion

    Weber 32 DIR Solex Z10 Corroded

    The photo’s show a Weber 32 DIR and a Solex Cisac Z10 of a Volvo 340.
    Both are severely (externally and internally) corroded up to the point of complete seizure and would not be acceptable as an exchange core

  3. The major castings must not be cracked, broken or severely distorted

    weber deksel slecht

    The top casting of this Weber 32 DIR has been bent.
    It is almost impossible to recover this type of damage and the unit would not be accepted

    weber deksel gebroken

    The casting of this Weber 32 DIR has been bent to the point of breakage - plainly not suitable as an exchange unit.
    (Distortion in this area is often caused by over tightening of the air cleaner mounting studs).

    weber deksel gebarsten

    Cracking such as seen here on this Weber 32 DIR top casting renders the unit uneconomic to refurbish and it would not be accepted as a core.

    Solex 34-34 Cisac Z11 slecht deksel 2

    All of the internals must still be intact.
    This float chamber vent on a Solex 34-34 Cisac Z11 from a 360 with a B200k engine must be intact - any breakage would render the unit unacceptable

  4. Components to be returned with the core.

    Weber 32 DIR platen

    In all cases of the Weber 32 DIR series the "thin" (upper) insulating plate and the alloy water heated plate must be returned with the core unit.
    The thin insulating plate fits between the carburettor main casting and the alloy water heated plate

  5. Components to be retained by the customer.

    Weber 32 dir solenoide oud en nieuw

    For all versions the Idle Shut Off Solenoid should be retained.
    Be aware that on type 93-100 and earlier the solenoid is locked with an inhex grub screw.
    On the 32 DIR 93-101 and later versions of the 32 DIR the locking screw is deleted.

    Weber 32 dir 57 microswitch

    In addition, on the 32 DIR  48 and 32 DIR 57 carburettors, the CVT overdrive control micro switch must be removed with its wiring.
    Remove the two arrowed screws to release the switch from it's adjustment plate

    Weber 32 dir 105 slang

    With types fitted with throttle closure delay valves (32 DIR 48, 32 DIR 74, 32 DIR 95, 32 DIR 105, and 32 DIR 110) remove and retain the vacuum pipe work and reservoir together with the non return valve.

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