Born Built Beauties in the press

As the 300 serie is getting older, it is gaining popularity amongst the classic car enthusiasts.

This has also brought it to the attention of specialized magazines, home and abroad, who are now giving the model more coverage.

Below you will find a list of published articles in which the 300 serie features and in which Born-Built-Beauties, or one of the persons helping Born-Built-Beauties to be the success that it is, is mentioned. Click on the image to be directed to the article.




Klassiker Volvo Special 08-2022.

In the Volvo special of the Swedish magazine Klassiker, many special cars that Volvo built over the years are mentioned, the VAN being one of them. The 345 VAN from 1982 owned by BBB’s Robbert Jan Veraa is shown as example of these wonderful utilitarian vehicles.

Klassiker 08-2022 cover


Practical Classics 05-2019.

Impressed by the restoration of the Volvo 343 DL, owned by BBB’s Robbert Jan Veraa , the editorial team of Practical Classics has elected the car to be the restoration of the month.

Practical Classics May 2019 front


Practical Classics 03-2019.

The team sets of to the Netherlands.
BBB’s Robbert Jan Veraa shows them the former Nedcar factory in Born and takes them on a tour through the dutch province of Limburg.

Practical Classics March 2019 front


Practical Classics 02-2019.

The team prepare their cars for the upcoming roadtrip to the Netherlands.
BBB’s Mac MacFarlane gives Danny’s 340 a technical once-over.

Practical Classics Feb 2019 front


Jakobs magazine 04/2018

The story of Robbert Jan’s 343 DL, the car that lay the basis of BBB, is told in Jakobs magazine.

Jakobs magazine 4-2018


Practical Classics 08-2018.

Danny Hopkins repairs the coolant circuit of his Volvo 340GL replacing the hoses and thermostat.

Practical Classics Aug 2018 front


Practical Classics 07-2018.

Danny Hopkins, editor in chief of Practical Classics, bought a Volvo 340GL in the spring of 2018 for 500. In this edition he continues work sorting out some of the problems that come with an older car.

Practical Classics July 2018 front1


VOC Driver June 2018

A report of the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restauration show that was held from 23 to 25 March at the NEC in Birmingham. Born Built Beauties invited to show their wide range of parts for the Volvo 300 series at the Volvo Owners Club stand.

VOC Driver June 2018


Klassiker 1-2018

Fredrik Nyblad takes the 343 that once belonged to the president of Volvo North America, Bertil Bengtson, back to the Netherlands.

Klassiker dec 2018-01

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