What follows is a short list of clubs and companies that cater for vehicles built in the DAF/Volvo factory in Born.


Volvo 300 Club, mother of all Volvo 300 clubs with an active (dDutch speaking) forum where also English speakers are welcome!
                         They also have some interesting meetings throughout the Netherlands.

Volvo300mania, a French- and English forum for the Volvo 300 series. The English speaking forum is the most active however
                         with worldwide attendance.

Volvo Classic Club Belgium

Volvo Enthusiasts Club UK

Volvo Owners Club UK

Daf Club Nederland, an interesting club for the the CVT loving car owner with a very well equiped partswarehouse (only
                              accesible for DCN members).

Daf Club Belgium, a small but cosy club for the CVT loving car owner in Belgium.



Autobedrijf Clement, pure Daf and 300 series fanatics with an eternity of experience.

Braydon Motors, a London based company with a reasonable stock of Volvo 300 parts.

Skandix, a German Volvo specialist with a reasonable stock of Volvo 300 parts.

Volvo 340, an internet source for mostly secondhand 300 series parts.


If you know of any other specialists with a hart for the Dutch built Daf’s and Volvo’s, do let me know.

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