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My love for the 343 began in 1978 when, as an 8-year-old, I decided to empty my piggy bank so that my mother didn’t have to pay that much for the new 343.

This, and I only realized this only a few years ago, made me a de-facto co-owner of the family car.

The choice had fallen on a Volvo 343, as after a few unfortunate incidents with the 2 year old Polski earlier that year my mother decided that she wanted a safe family car, but because she insisted on driving a manual car, she decided to wait for the '79 model year.

“Cybille” (CBL-) in 1992

The 343, known later as Cybille, was ordered in yellow with an original factory fitted sunroof but quickly thereafter my mother was informed by the importer (SBMA in Brussels) that this version was not available for the Belgian-Luxembourg market. However, the sunroof was available in a red vehicle and thus was the order changed.
The 343 was used extensively and saw all the corners of European continent during the annual car holidays over the following years.

From the mid 80's onwards I was allowed by my mother to work on the 343, even if it was while being supervised by mechanics at the local Volvo dealership, and it is from then on that  I have started to gather all of what I know of this model which I still use today.

In 1989 I passed my driving exam in Cybille, at that time in, what for “300 series standards” had become an aged vehicle with almost 200.000km’s on the speedometer, who funnily enough had still not sucome to the rustdevil.

As it was already apparent to me that the parts for this model would become a problem, and it seemed like I was the only enthusiast on this planet for the 300 series, I decided to start actively collecting new (NOS) parts so that my "Cybille" could continue to be driven.
Over the years I accumulated a substantial stock of parts, now split into two parts, one to keep my own 343's on the road and a second to help other enthusiasts. At present I am still collect NOS parts for the Volvo 300 series.

In 2006 came the news we were all expecting; Volvo had decided to stop supporting the 300 series, the legal requirement of 15 years after the cessation of production was over and, due to circumstances, was no longer interested in continueing supporting these cars.
Soon the first problems started to arise and frequently very beautiful cars were scrapped because a simple part was no longer available. Nobody, neither the clubs (often due to logistical reasons), nor the Volvo specialists, nor the DAF specialists (financially not interesting enough) apparently took the problems at heart until I, early in 2010, began to work on a solution.
The catalog in this website is the result of all the work by myself and a large group of fellow enthusiasts, developers and testers.

In the catalogue you’ll find, amongst others, overhaul kits we developed for parts that were never reconditionable.
Also you’ll come acrossparts we’ve redesigned so that common failure points are finally dealt with.
Don’t forget, each part has been tested endlessly just to make sure that they are good.

That is why I really appreciate any feedback you have, good and bad, so that I can keep on improving!


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